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First generation to go to University


Born and raised in Yorkshire, I was the first member of my family to ever go to University. I was a dedicated and determined student who was interested in all subjects which made narrowing down choices for A Levels rather tricky. The end result was selecting subjects based on what my teachers thought was best rather than that what would fit with my interests, strengths and skill set.

Similarly when I went on to select what to study at University, my selection was made based on other people’s opinions rather than my own - in other words, I was a serial people pleaser. This pattern of following what others thought I should do rather than what I actually wanted to do continued for almost the next 20 years during which time I was told on countless occasions I should have more confidence. That was of course until I finally took charge of my own career plan.

It’s never too late as long as you have the will and a pulse(!)

It was such a surreal moment when I came face to face with the stark realisation that I had been completely undervaluing my natural talents, and worse still, actively hiding them under a bushel for most of my life!

What on earth had I been thinking? Who’s approval had I been seeking?

At first I felt very angry with myself but when I looked back objectively and reflected I recognised that I didn’t have any real life role models back then that had gone onto higher education and I’d never even heard of the concept of career coaching so there’s absolutely no point beating myself up about it now. The great thing is it’s not too late. And the even greater thing is it's not too late for you either as long as long as you have the will, determination and a pulse(!)

My confidence increased more than I ever thought was imaginable

A photograph of a lighthouse

Once the fog lifted and I finally recognised and more importantly celebrated that my interests and strengths were one in the same thing my confidence increased more than I ever thought was imaginable. It was like a light came on inside of me and it’s continued to get brighter and brighter ever since. It sounds cheesy but it’s almost like I now have my very own lighthouse guiding my way and it feels wonderful. It also addresses the years of feedback about needing more confidence. My confidence was lacking because I was not being true to myself and not following the right path… my path.

Now I feel unstoppable!

Since then my guiding light has led me to set up my own company, Power Your Potential and qualify as a Licenced career coach by undertaking training with Career Counselling Services, certified by the Association of Coaching. I also became a Barbara Sher success team leader, qualified to lead Barbara’s 8 week programme to help people do what they love.

In less than 2 hours a group of complete strangers were sharing their most intimate dreams

My first success team meeting was truly magical. I took a group of 6 individuals in a virtual 2 hour session together from being complete strangers to talking about their most intimate dreams. For many, including myself it was the first time some things had ever been shared. By the end of the 8 weeks this group are now lifelong cheerleaders for one another, encouraging each other to continue to pursue their dreams. As I have said on numerous occasions, we only get one crack at life so let’s not waste it going round in circles.

Additionally, after facing up to my fears about public speaking and realising I absolutely love it I am now an active member of Toastmasters International, a club for improving public speaking. And folks this is only the beginning… I now feel unstoppable!

Family life is everything

A photograph of Rachel and her family

Today I live in West London with my husband and daughter. When I’m not working, I loves spending time with family and friends, cooking, watching comedy, reading, writing, learning to play the piano and singing and dancing (albeit badly) around the house with my daughter. I am also super serious about ensuring that my daughter does not lose touch with who she is and what makes her tick.

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