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A photograph of Charlotte

Before I started working with Rachel I was feeling despondent within my career and felt very lost, unsure of what I wanted from my career. I was aware I wasn’t happy in my job but didn’t have the clarity as to why. After working with Rachel I now feel energised, motivated and excited for my future. Rachel has undoubtedly instilled a confidence in me that wasn’t there before working together. After our sessions, I now have a very clear idea of what direction I want my career to travel in and what makes me happy. I was not expecting to find out so much about myself during this process. It’s been really enjoyable the delve into the how’s and why’s of what makes me tick and how to engineer that to my advantage and be the best version of me that I can. What I enjoyed most about working with Rachel was talking to someone who is such good listener, very patient and is a fantastic energy to bounce ideas around with. I really appreciated that Rachel didn’t hold back from asking the difficult questions that I had been avoiding.

I would recommend working with Rachel if you’re looking for career coaching of any kind! She’s absolutely fantastic and will guide you to find what you really want from your career

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