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Before I started working with Rachel, I was in a bit of a professional rut, going through the motions, and not really taking any enjoyment from my work. Given how much time we all spend working, this is not a healthy way approach your career as I was starting to resent what I was doing. After working with Rachel, she gave me the confidence to actively pursue my strengths, take ownership of my role and my career, and not be afraid to state what I want to do. I feel energised that I have taken more control with the direction of my career and I’m now able to spend more time on the key activities I enjoy and bring me job satisfaction. Rachel taught me that it is okay to put yourself first, make yourself heard, and be proactive to ensure you are doing things that add value not only to your job/company, but to you as well.

Rachel is a very approachable and personable coach, making her very easy to talk to and be open with. She is genuinely interested and cares about what you say, and is able to give instant incisive feedback. She has an ability to challenge you without putting you on the back foot, and as a result I had several realisations that things I was doing were making me unhappy, without actually thinking about why I was doing them.

I would fully recommend working with Rachel to help improve your career clarity and prospects, as well as giving you a self-esteem boost that all of us need from time to time. Thanks Rachel!

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