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I felt lost and unsure about what my next job should involve. I was applying for lots of different jobs without any focus. I was at a crossroads that had been triggered by redundancy and I was unsure of which path to take.

The exercises we did were brilliant and they helped me to identify what my strengths are and the direction I should be heading in. Rachel was excellent at listening and identifying the type of person I am and the career that I should be focusing on. In my final coaching session, I mentioned about a job that had become available at my workplace, but I wasn’t sure if I had the right experience. Rachel helped me to realise that I have exactly what they are looking for and convinced me to apply for the job. I am very grateful to Rachel, because not only was I selected for interview, but I was also offered the job and I am finally in a career which I will be suited to!

I always knew what kind of person I am, but I didn’t realise to what extent the career path I was on wasn’t suited to me. I thought that work is something you have to do to earn money and that you didn’t necessarily have to enjoy it. I didn’t think that when I started coaching with Rachel that I would not only identify the career path I was on wasn’t suitable, but I would actually find a new career and be offered a job that is very suitable. I’m so happy to be able to see a future at last!

I enjoyed doing the exercises to identify my strengths and also to remind myself how I have got to this point in my life.  It was great to reflect, but also to feel that I can look to the future with more confidence thanks to Rachel. The coaching sessions were enjoyable and it was sad when they came to an end, but I know that Rachel will be there for me in the future if I need any guidance.

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